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A close-up of marshmallows being roasted over a campfire at Yesterland Farm.


The rollercoaster from Yesterland Farm's logo.

Looking for a reserved spot in the woods to serve as your home base while visiting the farm? They are great for families or groups. The cost ranges from $50 - $75 and reserved time ranges from 4.5 - 7 hours depending on when you reserve your spot. You must reserve your campfire site online only. Full payment will be due with the reservation. Click the "RESERVE NOW" button to learn more. Please note that Admission/Entry into the farm requires an additional purchase and is NOT included with the purchase of a campfire reservation. We have up to 11 different campfire sites to reserve, all set up identically to the next. Your campfire site includes two picnic tables (seating up to 12 people), an above ground campfire ring and firewood.


Upon arrival at the farm check in at the “Group” Guest Services shack at the farm entrance. At your reservation time you may pull your vehicle by the small back gate designated for drop off of coolers and supplies. Then promptly park your vehicle in the parking lot so that the driveway is not blocked. This gate is only attended and unlocked for your convenient supply drop off at reservation times and is not for normal ingress/egress. If you need to go to your vehicle during the middle of your reservation, you must go to the front gate as the small gate will be locked. Make sure to park in the South Parking Lot located off the I-20 service road.

A marshmallow being burned by a campfire.

You are welcome to bring hot dog and s’more fixins’. Make sure to bring all the utensils and roasting sticks needed. The campfire has a grate that can be used as a grill. Spots fill up quick, reserve early for your day and time. You may bring additional seating and cleaning supplies if desired.

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